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Invested with a centuries-old reputation, the Mouth of Truth lends itself easily to a series of legends that do nothing but increase its mythical power, recognized also in the famous film 'Roman Holiday' with the adorable Audrey Hepburn and the fascinating Gregory Peck.

The ancient mask immured in the wall of the portico of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome since 1632, is a screaming faun but before being considered the supreme judge of truth and loyalty, it was 'just' a manhole, which collected rainwater in its cloaca.

The manholes in ancient Rome often had the form of a river god that "swallows" the water and were the subject of considerable art attention by craftsmen, masons and marble workers, then with time this interest have been lost, given the much hidden beauty of existing culverts.

Its popularity, however, is certainly linked to the traditional stories handed down since the time of maximum splendor of imperial Rome and even more in Middle Ages, when the mouth is given the power to pronounce oracles.

As we read in a German text, the legends have come down to the present day, there is also the one linked to a trader who had cheated a woman of that idol had to swear his good faith: "At the church of Santa Maria in Fontana It is the temple of the Faun. This statue spoke to Giuliano and deceived him. "

But since there were no private investigators to discover a betrayal recurring or occasional fling of a wife, people frequently resorted to the Mouth of Truth.

It is said that an unfaithful woman, led by the suspicious husband in front of the mask to be subjected to the test,  managed to save her hand with a cunning.

In fact the lady told to the young lover to present himself on the day of the test and, feigning madness, hugged her in front of everyone.

The lover perfectly executed the plan and the woman at the time of putting his hand in the mouth of truth, could swear that she was quietly embraced in his life only by her husband and the man that everyone had seen. Having told the truth, the cunning adulteress was able to withdraw his hand from harmless tremendous mouth, although he was guilty of treason.


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